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Today's post is the first interview in my series called 'Insider'. Insider is a collection of interviews with bloggers, entrepreneurs and influencers that focuses on different aspects of their lives and careers. 
Join me for an inside view into the minds of some amazing people...

Jade Reece is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Australia. Her blog, That Blogger Jade, is hugely popular with over 20.8 thousand Instagram followers. She is well deserving of all her success, her beautiful personality and amazing flatlays could make anyone hooked on her wonderful blog. 

In this interview we discussed beauty, blogging and social media, I hope you enjoy and show Jade some love over on her Instagram...

1. What is your best advice for newbie bloggers?
The best advice I could ever give is to not give up, sometimes it takes a while to get noticed. As well always be true to yourself, if you like fitness or fashion but your blog is mainly beauty, don’t not post your fitness photos because you think others won’t like them you can never keep everyone happy.

2. What is your must have beauty product? 
ABH Brow Pomade, my eyebrows are barely existent so I could not live without it!

3. Do you suggest getting a P.O. box if you're a blogger, why?
Personally I don’t have a PO box, I do think about it a lot, especially because I have had packages never arrive or go missing. As well, I have always been paranoid about giving out my address. One problem is not all companies will accept a PO box as well and only send to addresses, but not too many companies are like that.

4. What three beauty products couldn't you live without?
Gosh its hard to limit to 3 products; probably the new Loreal Infallible fixing mist, it keeps my face on all day and stops me from looking like a greasy mess. Secondly would be the MUFE Hd foundation, I recently started using this and I absolutely love it, the coverage is amazing and it doesn’t look cakey. Lastly, Too Faced Lashgasm it makes my lashes miles long!

5. What is the best experience/opportunity you have had as a blogger?
The best thing I have gotten to do as a Blogger was being one of 5 finalists for the Rising Social Star competition, it was the most exciting thing so far. Second to that would be getting an agent, I feel so important now ahaha.

6. What is your best advice for collaborating with brands and other bloggers?
Always remember with companies you don’t always have to say yes, or do it for free. If a brand contacts you that isn’t really your thing, don’t be afraid to ask for payment. I spent quite a while getting sent products I didn’t even want to try and sometimes i was so uninterested in them I would forget I even got them, with payment you have more interest. Also, remember to be honest, if you get contacted to do a review and you don’t like the product, say you don't like it. I always used to get worried and over time I have worked with quite a few pain in the ass companies that ask for a review and then get angry if it wasn’t good, but I wasn’t going to lie about the product.

7. What is your must have item for creating the perfect Flatlay?
My vinyl backgrounds, I don’t know what I would do without them!

8. How do you cope with hate and negativity online?
Luckily I haven't had too much yet, I have always been so worried about it and I have seen a lot of horrible things said to other bloggers. I try to ignore it, you can’t keep everyone happy, I just try to remember all the nice things people have said instead of dwell on the negative things.

9. How has blogging helped to build your confidence?
I suffer from Anxiety and Depression and it made life really hard, but starting a blog has really helped me open up and express myself more. Most bloggers are really supportive as well which is a great atmosphere to be in.

10. What one skincare product would you recommend to people struggling with acne or breakouts?
Seriously, my skin can be such a pain sometimes. Some of my favourite products are Derma-e microderm scrub and Mario Badescu drying lotion my skin always looks ten times better after a day or two using these.

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