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Hey blogger friends,

Welcome to the 5th installment of Blogging 101, in today's post I will be giving you a few pointers for creating a rocker 'About' page. Your about page is where your readers will go to learn more about you, your blog and your intentions. What I mean by intentions is what you want your readers to get out of your posts, whether that be learning to start a blog, or becoming the next Audrey Hepburn, it's totally up to you. However I do suggest working out your intentions before you start your blog

An about page should have at least 2 sections, one section for your blog and one section for yourself. You can add more sections if you choose, like a section on your press appearances, but I will not be talking about that today. First I will talk about the blog section and what you should include in that, then the personal profile. 

About the Blog

Your blog section should start with some sort of call to action or rhetorical question. This will get your readers thinking and interested to read more. Next you need to explain what your blog is about, for example; 'Beauty Spot is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that believes in achieving goals and making dreams come true.' This lets the reader determine if your blog is something they are interested in. You should also add what you will be doing for the reader, why should they stay? If you want to help them, let them know. If you want to inspire them, tell them that. No matter what you want to do, it's important to tell them and give your reader a reason to stay and let them know that it will be worth their while. This is up to you, but I also included the days I post so people will easily know when to come back for new content (pssst, Thursdays and Sundays). 

About You

This section of your 'About' page should very much be personalised to reflect your personality. Although you have a lot of freedom here, I do suggest including a few key things:
  • Your full name; this will make your readers feel more connected to you rather than just knowing you as 'Hannah from Beauty Spot'.
  • A bit about your life: where you're from, career, family etc. 
  • What you enjoy/your hobbies; this will give a general idea of what your blog will be about. 
  • What you're passionate about; what lights a fire within you, this will help your readers get to know you better and connect with you if they are passionate about the same sorts of things.
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As always I'll see you Sunday,
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