My Ever-Growing List of Blogging Tips and Tricks


Hello, hello, hello!

Are you a blogger, new or experienced? Yes? Well great, I have just the thing for you. My new ebook, My Ever-Growing List of Blogging Tips and Tricks, is available now when you sign up to my mailing list, and the best part is... its totally free!


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I have been working so hard on this project for a long time and it's finally ready for your wonderful eyes to see. It is a book filled with every bit of advice I can think of, well kinda. It is always growing with new content being added constantly.

Here at Beauty Spot, I hate spam and junk mail just as much as you do, so I will only send you post notifications, a PDF of my ebook every time I update it and the occasional newsletter.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and anything you want to see, because I love hearing from you guys.

Happy reading,
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