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This lovely girl is Chessie from an amazing blog, and a personal idol of mine. She writes and runs Freshly Pickked, a fashion and lifestyle blog that is inspired by everyday wonderful things. She has worked with so many awesome brands and continues to astound her audience. She has an awesome Instagram presents with a dedicated 17.5k followers. I definitely think you guys should all check her out.

Here is some advice, tips and need-to-knows about the brains behind Freshly Pickked, Chessie:

1. What is your best advice for newbie bloggers?
My best advice is to set up other social platforms to promote your blog on, be patient, post regular and good quality content, change up your content to keep it interesting and give everyone what you want to be given (ie. Like, follow and comment on other people's photos/blog posts). And of course to have fun with it!

2. What is your must have beauty product? In terms of skincare I'd definitely say my Kosmea facial cleanser- it works a dream with removing my makeup gently and reviving my skin. And my makeup must have is my nude by nature highlight palette because highlighter is life- am I right?
3. Who is your style icon and why? Either @earthlingmaxi or @viewsofnow as their style is so different, unique, stylish and just plain awesome and I wish I had their wardrobes and confidence!

4. What is your favourite item in your bedroom? My favourite item in my bedroom is probs my bed tbh because that is just about the only thing that'll give me piece, quiet and nothingness!! But if you're more after an object id definitely go for my mood board as it provides me with something pretty and inspiring to look at when sitting in bed or at my desk :)
5. Do you suggest getting a P.O. box if you're a blogger, why? It's not essential but I would recommend it as it keeps your information private from company's and also your emails being leaked with your address on it. This hasn't happened to me but I just feel a lot more secure and safe giving out a Po Box address rather then my own!
6. What is the best experience/opportunity you have had as a blogger? Being the NGV art party ambassador and doing numerous other things for the NGV was definitely a highlight and an opportunity that wouldn't have been given to me if it weren't for my amazing followers and for being a blogger!
7. What process goes into creating the perfect outfit for a photoshoot? Oh goodness, it takes me FOREVER, not just to plan my outfits but also to clean up the explosion of clothes after. But for the actual process, I start off with the piece that may have been sent to me to promote or a new piece I have bought and want to showcase and then work my way up from there. I try to always accessorise with a ring or two and a necklace, and of course a coat/jacket and a bag. These are the finishing touches to the look!
8. Have you got any big projects coming up? In terms of blogging there isn't anything major but just lots of different little projects and hopefully some bigger ones on the horizon once I finish school in November!

9. If your style was a song, what would it be?
Wow, I actually have no idea. Can I give you my favourite song? Zimt.

10. How has blogging helped to build your confidence?
It has definitely helped with my confidence within my style and has pushed my outfit boundaries from beyond the simple, minimalistic style I once had. It's given me the confidence to put something whaky, vintage, colourful or different into my outfit to jazz it up and make it more 'chessie'!

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