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In this post I am talking to Christina Zayas of Le City Kitty, a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and music blog. She is an amazing writer and photographer and an even better fashionista! She has a huge following with nearly 50k followers on Instagram. Go on over to Le City Kitty and show her some love, also let her know who sent you xx

1. What is your best advice for newbie bloggers?
For new bloggers, I think it’s very important to go to as many events as possible; meet new people and get your name out there. I also believe setting yourself apart is key! Creating content that expresses your voice will show how different you are. There are millions of bloggers out there, do something that makes you stand out. 

2. What is one blogging resource that has helped with your success?
I actually run a Brand Consulting Collective apart from blogging. On K+Co’s blog, I provide 7 resources that have helped me run a successful blog. You can find it here:

3. Who is your style icon and why? 
I have a few style icons, but someone I constantly turn to is Christine Centenera. Christine is the Fashion Director of Vogue Australia and is incredibly chic, beautiful, and is a fantastic stylist.

4. Do you suggest getting a P.O. box if you're a blogger, why?
Between blogging full-time and running my consulting business from home, I do not need a P.O. Box. I had one in the past and it was a pain to get to all the time. On top of which, some brands won't ship to a P.O. Box. Honestly, it’s all about your preference. If you need one, get one. Don’t do it because you heard another blogger has one. It’s not “more professional”, it really is about what you actually need. 

5. What inspired you to start your app?
A little over five years ago, I was dating someone with whom I wanted to start an app. We had tons of great ideas, but it just never came to fruition, so creating an app was always something I had in mind. With the launch of my new business, and the continued success of my blog, I felt I was ready to take the next step, and create an app for Le City Kitty. I did some research and found a few other bloggers were building their apps with DWNLD. So, around late May, I began the process of creating what is now an app for my blog I feed my blog posts through the app as well as provide exclusive content only found on the LCK app, featuring weekly giveaways, monthly music playlists, and so much more!

6. What is the best experience/opportunity you have had as a blogger?
Every opportunity to work with a new brand is always a great experience, but I especially enjoyed working with Target last year. I was hired to work with Target on their new denim line and be featured on their YouTube channel. I was the only blogger on set, as stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi wanted my input on shopping for denim. I got the chance to step out of my comfort zone and allowed Target to change my hair color, drastically. It was a really great experience for me. Watch the video here:

7. How do you come up with such wonderful post ideas?
I actually wrote 2 posts on the K+Co blog to answer that question. Here you can discover my writing process:
And here you will learn how I make time for blogging:

8. Besides from your blog, what are you most proud of? 
I am most proud of my dedication. There were times when I wanted to give it all up, but I have been going strong for almost 8 years now. November 25th is my blog’s birthday. Through the stress, sweat, and tears, I never quit!

9. What is the most challenging part of constantly sharing your life online?
I actually don’t find it challenging. If you know what to share and what to keep to yourself, you never have to worry. Being a public figure, there are people out there who love to dish negative feedback. I am not about that and never will be. I share what I think my readers will find relevant, and it has worked out pretty well. 

10. What is your best advice for collaborating with brands and other bloggers?
Keep an open mind. You may think you only want to do a certain thing for your blog, like focus only on fashion, but working with companies who are interested in getting your input on their new alcohol brand or a new dating app might be exactly what your readers are looking for. Same goes for working with other bloggers. Be open to new possibilities! And if you are interested in learning how to pitch brands, I created an amazing deck that will help any blogger do so. Check it out here:

Thank you so much Christina for talking to me and giving some rockin' advice, can you believe how successful she is!

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