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The Lovely Bookshelf has previously only reviewed books, but I thought I would mix it up a bit and review a magazine. Obviously I can't review every single issue so I am just going to be speaking my mind about the magazine as a whole.

Yen Magazine is a creative space for creative people. It covers all areas, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home, music and books. The magazine also has a huge variety of incredible writers and contributors. Every edition has a very fabulous guest artist, cover article, and travel page. Yen Magazine is the perfect magazine for any smart, inspired person.

Although I adore every single page of every issue my favourite sections would have to be the travel, fashion and music sections. The travel pages are like a dream. Every word is intricately tied together to create breathtaking sentences. Every time I read a travel article I just want to whisk myself away to these faraway lands and explore all they have to offer. The fashion pages are like something from New York Fashion Week. They are so unique and the photography is so impressive and although it isn't always my style it is very artistic and lets my brain's right side run wild. The music pages are always so cool, I always discover new, amazing, extraordinary voices. 

In a nutshell, this magazine is so very polished and is for any aspiring or inspired person. Let me know your favourite issues and go pick up this month’s issue ASAP before you miss out.  

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