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Kate Nutting is a successful blogger from Brisbane. She has a fashion, beauty and photography blog called Pretty Dresses in the Laundry. It is stacked full of stunning outfit posts, streetstyle and anything and everything tumblr. With over 16k followers her Instagram is just as wonderful as her blog. Go show her some love and let her know who sent you!

1. What is your best advice for newbie bloggers?
Just get started and blog about what you love! Don’t stress about what other people will think or what you should post about, just go with what feels right.

2. Who is your style icon and why? 
I don’t really have one really, I get my inspiration from everywhere - from friends, blogs, television, the street.

3. Do you suggest getting a P.O. box if you're a blogger, why?
I think it comes down to safety, I have considered it so many times but never have actually acted on it. If you’re worried about giving your address out to companies and PR, then it is probably a good option.

4. What is the best experience/opportunity you have had as a blogger?
Oh gosh, this is a hard one because blogging has opened up so many doors and opportunities for me. Maybe flying to Sydney to have brunch with Tavi Gevinson or Australian fashion week, even just the amazing friends I have gained as a result of blogging.

5. What process goes into creating the perfect outfit for a photoshoot?
I think having a concept in your mind - if you have an aesthetic or theme planned out to then follow, it will be fab.

6. Have you got any big projects coming up? 
Nothing much at the moment! I’m just working on array of little things. I just launched a new website, For Goodness Sake so that is keeping me busy. It’s a blogazine for 15-20 years and so I spend a lot of time editing and working on that.

7. What is the most challenging part of constantly sharing your life online?
I guess that you are always in the public eye. What you eat, your appearance, what you wear, and what you do is always open to scrutiny and there is nothing that you can do about it.

8. If your style was a song, what would it be?
Something Taylor Swift I hope! Poppy and trendy but sassy at the same time.

9.How has blogging helped to build your confidence?
I have grown up blogging, I have been blogging for six years, since I was only 15. It has helped with my confidence I guess with the way I look and with liaising and talking to people. It has made me so confident in my abilities I guess.

10. How did PDITL start, and where did the name come from?
It started on a whim one weekend during school. I was bored and all my friends were blogging, so I decided to give it a go, and it stuck! The name comes from an old wives tale that only clean dresses leave the laundry clean - I thought it was super cute at the time.

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