fairy garden.


Down in the fairy garden
I would run through as a little girl
I have awoken the child within me
Bare feet, dancing on the cold, damp leaves that line the ground
The smell of citrus from the fruit trees floats around in the humid air
Pink flowers and lively greens brighten every inch of the wonderland
Climbing tall trees and crawling along broken branches
Lilac drips from the skies and runs down my back
Playing in tune with the sun as he creeps further away
Kneeling before me into the endless horizon
Fiery hues indicating dusk fade into each other
Untamed hair entangled into the limbs of the tree
Cuts and bruises can't deminish the fire burning inside of me
Every ounce of my small, childish body yearns for adventure
Praying that night won't fall so quickly
That for just a little longer the sun will stay in the sky
And the blanket of stars could deceive time by shining ever so slightly brighter
After a long day of running and falling
My legs begin to tire
My feet ache from the twirling and jumping they've endured all day
I stumble home,
Hope in my eyes
Adventure in my breath
Fire in my soul
Curiosity in my heart
Music in my limbs.
I tuck myself into bed
Bursting with excitement for what tomorrows adventures will hold

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