the future.


You can have a plan for your life but you have to also allow it to shift. 
I want to be free, untethered from anything that could hold me down, keep me in one place.
I could make a plan that conforms to social norms; school, university, family, work.
By doing this I would be existing, but not living.
Tolerance is a catalyst for stagnance. 
I don't have a plan and that's okay because as long as you live consciously and listen to your intuition the universe will carry and care for you. 
Taking everyday at a time and living in the present allows me to write a story.
Write my own journey that is spontaneous and full of adventure.
However, it can change at anytime. 
No plans are solidified and nothing is set in stone.
Life is uncertain and unexpected, so to take one step at a time, you will live freely.
It's okay not to have a plan. 
It's okay not to know exactly what you'll be doing tomorrow.
Because after all, life is not promised and nothing is for certain so live mindfully and live happily. 

Recently, an immense pressure has been weighing on me. A pressure to go to university, do certain courses and live my life a certain way. I know all of this comes from a place of love but I know that this isn't what I'm meant to do in my life.
The little whispers in my head can't be suppressed or ignored any longer. They have been getting louder and louder and it's time I start listening. Rejecting social norms and the brainwash of institutions that smother our society. It's time I start manifesting my dreams into a reality and living my truest, purest and most transcendent life.
This path may not be safe, secure or certain but it's what I have to do. I know that I must listen to my intuition and the world will create itself around my vibrations.  By surrendering to my divine purpose and accepting that my intuition will guide me, I will fly.

The moment you let go of fear, you become infinite.

Following this path of trust and uncertainty may seem ludicrous to some people, but I know that I am deserving of a happy life, living mindfully and openly to the universe. As I am simply the universe becoming aware of itself.
I am the universe.
The universe is me.
We are all one.

I will expect nothing and appreciate everything.

I don't know what job I will be doing in the years to come, or how I'll be paying for a living but I do know that my purpose upon this earth is to be the purest embodiment of love and reawaken my divinity, in doing so help others to do the same.
This may not make me rich but I don't need money to be wealthy, I simply need gratitude and the ability to see that we are gifted everything. 

I am willing to sacrifice certainty for freedom, are you?

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