i am.


Running barefoot along sandy beaches
Drinking the sweet nectar of the sunlight
Splashing carefree in the open arms of the ocean
Collapsing waves stir my wounds until they turn to flowers
Gently resting my body on the warm sand
Taking refuge under an old oak tree
Collecting shells from the shoreline 
Before returning them back to the gentle calls of mother earth
Allowing my skin to be kissed by the sun
Drenching my soul in sunshine
My body free to dance and move as it pleases
Dancing carelessly to the tune of the wind
The earths undying desire to caress my skin with its breeze
Singing with the seagulls that fly high above my head
A chorus of creatures delight my ears

The sun beginning to melt away into the horizon
And the paint of dusk spills across the sky
Pinks, purples and oranges, entangle around each other
Forming a masterpiece on the canvas of the skies
I bring the sun to its knees and summon the stars
For I am simply the universe becoming aware of itself
Trees, my lungs
Oceans, the blood in my veins
Saltwater, my tears
Fire, the passion within me
We are all pure energy temporarily taking refuge in these human forms
I am the oceans.
I am the moon.
I am the sun.
I am this earth.
I am,
The universe

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