strong woman.


I may be soft but don't be fooled
I am a fighter
Submerse your bones in vulnerability
Feel the softness running through my veins
Touch the essence of the strength that flows through me
Consume my sweet nectre
Drown in it
The honey that drips from my lips
Sweet and gentle
The vines that have emerged from my wounds
Strong and deeply rooted

I rose so high you couldn't reach me
Your claws ripped from my spine
I layed in the sand as the ocean carried me home
Each wave stroking my skin
Kissing my bare flesh
Whispering secrets about myself I didn't even know

This gentle embrace quickly turned
Waves crashed on my body
My head falling deeper under water
Grasping onto each breath 
So far down in the darkness
I learned to breathe in the water
I am a fighter

Honour powerful women with backbones
And embrace powerful men with good hearts
Learn to see what hurts you more than it heals you
Because I am soft, but don't mistake that for weak
I am vulnerable, and that makes me so fucking strong. 

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