Surrender to the divine plan the universe has crafted for you.
Fearlessly go with the natural flow of the universe.
Follow your heart, listen to your intuition and start being.
Stop thinking about what you should be doing, or where you should be and simply be.
You don't need to know 'what you want to do with your life' right now.
In fact, you never need to know.
All you have in life is right now.
This present moment is your entire life.
Right now.
So instead of thinking of 'what you want to do with your life' as a future plan start thinking about it as this current moment.
If right now is your life, what do you want to do?
When someone asks me what I want to do with my life, I answer "travel".
This may not be a plan, but it's what I want to do right now.
So that's all I need to know. 
I don't need a plan, because that would be creating a false sense of certainty for the future.
For I may wake up tomorrow and want to be a teacher, or an astronaut.
The future is uncertain.
You may see this as scary or approach the future with fear, but that is just because you are conditioned to feel the need to control everything.
When in fact we can't control anything.
And that in itself is so so special.
To know we are on a path, it may not be obvious, but the fact you are alive right now means you are on your path.
There may be turns, hills, cracks and bends in your path, but ultimately it is exactly the way it is supposed to me.
Surrender to the universe and trust you are being carried along your path.
Trust that everything is happening for a reason and it is bringing you closer to your higher purpose.
That every obstacle you've been faced with was placed on your path to help you grow and transcend into your highest self.
The answers you are searching for are awaiting you in the abyss of uncertainty.
So flow weightlessly into that uncertainty with your heart open and your eyes closed. 
Unchain yourself from the illusion of security.
Let go.

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