Hidden between the sun and the moon,
Under the rocks that shape the earth,
Tangled around the morning light that pours in through the kitchen window.
Running through the veins of every leaf,
And bottled up inside each grain of sand,
The divinity that lingers within everything on this Earth.
In plain sight for anyone who is awake enough to notice it.
Best said by Steve Taylor:
"Attention is an alchemy that turns dullness to beauty and anxiety to ease"
With my mind as clear as a cloudless sky and as calm as a lakes surface, I allow nature to reveal her secrets to me.
Noticing the beauty in absolutely everything that mother nature has hand-crafted and delivered to us upon this earth and beyond. 
From the dew that sits upon the blades of grass in the early morning,
and the foam that the ocean gifts the shore with each crashing wave.
To the butterflies that dance around each other,beating wings kissing the cool evening air,
The light reflected from my necklace onto my bare, sunkissed skin,
And the way my feet carry me clumsily as I dance around my room at midnight, guided by the moon.
Unfinished paintings alive with potential.
Full tummies that roll over our jeans after a delicious meal.
Exchanging stories with strangers or simply sharing a smile as you walk down the street.
As soon as you learn to accept the present moment without reference to the past or future
You will begin to appreciate the magic of now
And love every moment with your entire being.
Use your third eye to see that everything is a gift and abundance is everywhere.
Allow your perception to shape the world around you.
Reclaim your birthright to see beauty in everything,
Reclaim your right to abundance.
Love and
The beauty in absolutely everything.

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