6:30am my body told me to wake up.
Slowly I emerged from the comfort of my duvet.
I slipped on a singlet and some loose pants, over my wet bathers from the night before.
My hair tied loosely in a bun, my face still tight from my sleep.
I grabbed a towel and my journal and hopped my my bike, placing all my things in it's rickety basket.
The cool morning air caressed my skin, welcoming small bumps to the surface. 
With my head still in the clouds, I head on my way.
The morning sky, waking birds and dancing trees all guide me along the journey.
The soft, gentle sound of crashing waves creeps into my surrounding sound field. 
I lean my old bike against a wooden post and sink my feet into the sand.
Golden star dust falls gently between my toes.
Making my way over the dunes, the ocean begins to appear.
The fiery sun is already peeking over the horizon if not to startle the moon. 
I placed my towel gently upon the beach and watched as the sun rose over the shoreline, coating the horizon in its nectar.
Opening my soul to the power and gentleness of the tide.
In that moment I realized that my existence is not limited by my body, this vessel I will temporarily call home.
I open my soul to the energy of the ocean, in return visualising my own energy reaching out to the horizon. 
I gave space to my emotions and allowed my feelings to run free like wild horses,
Beautiful and uncontrollable.
Whirlwinds of emotions danced around within me.
Nourishing my body and fueling my energy with the sweet nectar of sunlight.
Out poured everything I was holding within, using my pen as an escape route and this page as it's refuge.
When I had drained myself of the words I needed to express, I felt a weight lift.
My mind empty of anything weighing it down, my soul lightened.
Ready to fully immerse myself in the depths of my highest self.
I focused closely on my breathing and it's alignment with the waves. 
Allowing me to tap into my essense and realign, I sat quietly and meditated. 
With each breath I drifted further away from my body, while at the same time delving deeper within.
The tips of my fingers and toes began to tingle, then numbness.
My soul now separate from this human vessel.
Time, no longer a concept, passed by.
Eventually, I felt my soul return to my body.
Clearer, more awake, and more aware.
The sun was now half way into the sky and softly kissing my skin.
I stretched my body, listening to what felt right in the moment,
Took some deep, conscious breaths,
Then began making my way back up the beach.
I felt more connected to the ocean and to mother earth then ever before. 
I am the earth, and the earth is me.
The sun, the waves, the sand, and I.
We are one.
I hopped back on my bike and through the dirt track I cycled home. 
However this physical house was now just that, a house.
For I found my home within myself.
I am my own refuge.
My own sanctuary.
My own salvation.
I am home.

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