we are one.


I see myself in you.
We are one.
We are love.
We are all aligned in our oneness. 
All beings blessed to walk this earth are one and the same. Simply a reflection of each other and the energy of the universe. All just energy's vibrating at different frequencies, here, together.
We all serve the same purpose, to love and to heal. To care for our mother and find abundance in life's simplicities. 
Our feet touching the same soil and walking the same earth. Maybe oceans apart, I still see you, I still am you. 
Make time to connect with the universe, make time to reconnect with yourself.
Delve deep inside your soul to find your truth and release your inner divinity.
As we grow individually, we begin to rise collectively. 
Recognise that the world reflects your energy, so let that energy be pure. Let it be love, light and pure intention. As a collective, our positive energy will heal the universe. 
The realisation that we are all one will open your heart and your eyes to what you are putting into this world. You will recognise when you are harming others, whether that be the plastic we suffocate the oceans with or the words that cut the deepest. 
Everything you say or do has an impact on something or someone, so make that impact positive. Use your power of words to paint magic and to brighten others day. Use your divine sensitivity to feel what others feel and only spread love and kindness. Release the energy you want to receive.  
When you recognise this oneness you will connect deeply to those around you. An unbreakable bond will form between you, the earth, and all living things.

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