Deep within our consciousness we have an infinite potential of emotions that could be experienced. 
However we choose which ones we give weight to, which ones we foster and allow to rise to the surface.
Life can cause us to jump from one emotion to the next, or hold back certain feelings.
By creating this brick wall and not allowing our emotions to surface we suffer.
Our souls yearn for the chance to release the build up of energy within us.
To cry,
To laugh,
To scream.
It is like controlling a wild animal.
They are fierce and powerful and long to be free from their cage.
We cannot tame a wild thing, it belongs to nature, much like our emotions belong to the universe.
Between the cycles of our own reactivity, each of us has the capacity to stop.
Stop fighting.
Stop suppressing the waves of emotions our body has a right to experience.
The universe does not throw at us what we can not handle.
Though it may seem out of control at times, look within ourselves and there we will find truth.
Hidden among our storehouse of emotions lies the truth, the wholeness, within us.
Stop trying to control our emotions and simply let love flow.

Some days, I may feel beat down and unexplainable low, however, I take these emotions and accept their presence. I don't hide from them or ignore them, I allow them to flow through my being and take refuge in the depths of my heart. I nurture them and give them the attention they need. I thank them for being. It is truly a blessing to be capable of feeling such a large range of emotions. The simple act of feeling is so profoundly incredible and a gift from the universe. It is our souls way of living through these bodies. The energy within finding a way out, a form of expression in these emotions.
So today, do something for yourself and acknowledge how your feeling.
Are you excited? What for?
Are you sad? What makes you happy?
Are you happy? How can you express that?
If your confused about how your feeling, don't worry. Deep down you know. You just need to give space to your emotions and they will naturally surface and reveal themselves to you. Just be patient. Disconnect from external distractions. Be alone with yourself. And allow for them to appear.
You are loved. You ARE love.
So embody that love and continue to live your truth.
Because your feelings are beautiful.

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