I am the universe
A star seed planted here upon this earth to play and dance barefoot in mother nature's tangled fingertips.
The cool breath of the skies sweeps across my bare skin.
Tides break and in doing so stir my wounds until they sprout flowers,
growing within and branching out to nurture and love those around me.
Hair tangled,
muddy toes,
bruised knees,
sand speckled cheeks,
saltwater flecked skin.
Imperfections, my perfect imperfections.

I sit in silence admiring the oceans calmness,
stillness washed over me.
Tummy full with fresh fruit,
head full with dreams bigger than the galaxies combined.
My mask melting away, dissolving into sunlight.
I find solice in my solitude.
Sitting alone with my thoughts, no longer a torturous game, rather a moment of infinite beauty.
I find peace within myself.
I take myself on adventures and sit quietly tucked away in Gaia's embrace.

Swim naked in the sea,
leave everything behind.
Sleep under the stars,
walk barefoot through muddy forests.
Dance like I'm in my bedroom, sand under foot.
Roll around in the golden fairy dust they call sand,
collecting shells sent by mermaids.
Count the waves as they collapse on the shore,
sing along with the birds creating harmonies.

Take time to reconnect with Gaia.
Bask in here pure beauty while enjoying wholesome moments upon her gentle skin. 

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