Bali 2018- Day 1


Thursday 12/04/2018


We arrived in Bali on Wednesday but pretty much just spent that day looking around, settling in and taking photos. Therefore I thought I'd start this little diary recap on Thursday, the first full day.

The wooden windows in our little room meant we weren't woken by the sun, although we started the day early at about 8:00am by heading out for brekky. However, just like every morning after, we started the day with a quick dip in the pool to cool down from the already 28 degree heat.

First stop of the day was Acai Queen, a cute little acai bowl place we heard about earlier and just had to try for ourselves. Cute little swings and cushions to sit on whilst we enjoyed one of their many fruity delights. I had a sweet, strawberry juice type drink which was super tasty and I also tried the berry smoothie bowl which really lived up to the hype.

After our breakfast Rachael and I headed down the road to the traditional art markets. They were definitely an experience and something you'd have to experience to fully understand. As you walked past the stalls people were calling you over, trying to sell you things and all round bombarding you with products. It was actually quite an eye-opening experience as to the sort of culture and work in Bali and the fact you bargain down products so much which would otherwise be considered rude in Australia.
As per usual I bought a lot of things, mostly clothes like pants, tops, bags, jewelry, shoes etc. And overall I was super happy with every single one of my purchases.

Before heading to the adorable Kebun Bistro for some Provencal-style dinner we took a trip to the local spa. For something like $22AUD (equivalent) we got full body massages, scrubs and a flower bath. It was absolutely incredible and relaxed me perfectly in preparation for the rest of the holiday.

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