Bali 2018- Day 2


Friday 13/04/2018


As we carefully wandered down the uneven and broken street path we came across a cute looking coffee shop and headed inside. Each chair was fitted with their designer rocking chair legs and all the staff were wearing shirts with quotes and inspiration. After a quick look at the menu I went with an ice-coffee and eggs on toast. The coffee came out on a pallet type tray along with a biscuit and glass water bottle. Everything was presented so beautifully and tasted even better!

Much like yesterday we spend today browsing up and down the busy street markets and surrounding shops. The bustle of the Bali streets could be compared to that of a video game. Australian road rules have no place in Bali, with cars and scooters managing to share the road it's as if everyone has some power to just know what other motorists are thinking and going to do next. No speed limits in the small villages mean respect and patience are the key to driving in Bali.

The markets are also the best place to buy all the colourful, tasty fruit Bali has to offer. And that's exactly what we did. There were so many fruits I had never tried or even seen before and it was honestly so magical and exciting. As soon as we got home we took a few pics of these gorgeous fruits then cut them straight up for everyone to enjoy.

For dinner we made our way across town to an adorable little Greek style restaurant called Nostimo. We ate seafood, fresh bread and kababs and laughed for hours. The restaurant was so beautiful and felt like it transported us across oceans to a small Greek island. 
While walking home we were stopped in our path by the sound of music. An amazing blues band called The Red House Band to be specific. Live music in general is always incredible to me but this band was a really stand out performance. The atmosphere was buzzing for a Friday night and everyone was enjoying the show. A perfect end to a great day. 

Much love,
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