Bali 2018- Day 6


Tuesday 17/04/2018


A quick early morning swim before heading off at 9 for an adventure. First stop was the Goa Gajah Elephant Cave Temple. This old temple is unique because it is completely inside a cave with a magnificent elephant design on the entrance.  It was so peaceful and beautiful inside the small cave. Temple dress codes apply here, meaning a sorong must be worn.

Next we left the crowded tourist hotspots and headed off to the nearby Yeh Pulu Relief Carvings, where, once again, temple dress codes applied. These are ancient carvings in a stone cliff face from about the 14th or 15th centuries and are absolutely incredible.

Tibumana Waterfall was next on the list for the day. Only a short drive later we found ourselves in the middle of the jungle with stairs leading down, supposedly to the waterfall. Excitedly we headed down the steps and through the narrow paths until finally we could hear the beating of the waterfall. Peaceful yet a powerful force of nature, this waterfall had me in awe. How such a strong and powerful thing could be so gentle and calming truly opens your eyes to the beauty of nature and how gentle in no way means weak. The waterfall itself was breathtaking. You could just see the top yet it appeared to touch the skies.

Final stop before we headed back to the villa was the rice terraces. All throughout Ubud and surrounding villages you will find rice fields and the beautiful people working in them, but it's at the renowned Tegalalang Rice Terraces that you can walk a narrow trail throughout the beautiful cliff side rice terraces.

For our last night in the beautiful Ubud we went, once again, to Siam Sally to watch a classic rock band. Live music was the perfect way to finish off an even more perfect trip. Ubud, you were absolutely beautiful and I will definately be back very soon.

Love always,
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