Bali 2018- Day 4


Sunday 15/04/2018


Over half way through the trip and still so much to do and see, today was another busy day. Early morning, we hopped in the car and headed off on an hour and a half journey to the beautiful town of Seminyak.
When we arrived we were super hungry so we made our way to the highly anticipated Kynd Community. This was high on the list for both Rachael and I and fair to say it did not disappoint.
To start we ordered vegan raw caramel slices which were honestly some of the best caramel slice I've ever had (and that's coming from someone with a lot of experience haha). As it was really busy (a hotspot for every Instagrammer) the best seats (in front of the pretty wall) were all taken so we sat elsewhere just waiting for our chance. As soon as a seat opened up Rachael rushed to grab them, and succeeded. We had the photo spot, all we needed now was the yummy and photo-worthy acai bowls. I ordered a green smoothie bowl and Rachael opted for a berry one. When they arrived they were exactly what we expected, beautiful! Photos done and we dived in. They were honestly both so tasty whilst also being healthy, win win!

Walking down the busy, tourist filled streets of Seminyak and past the ocean, we reached our next stop, Sea Circus. Unfortunately, we were still full from our smoothie bowls so this was just a quick stop to snap some photos.

After a quick stop at Seminyak Square for a drink and to escape the heat, we hit our final stop in Seminyak, Mad Pops. Mad Pops is an Insta-famous ice-cream shop that specialises in vegan, coconut ice-cream. I opted for the chocolate coconut, and wow! It was so yummy and I could definitely see what all the hype is about. Also, the vegan aspect of it meant I felt healthy eating it, always a bonus!

Arriving back in Ubud after a long day it felt only necessary we go to the spa. A lovely hour long facial, including honey, yogurt and scrub as well as an amazing back, shoulder and neck massage is the absolute perfect way to finish off any day, especially a busy one.

Lots of love,
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