Bali 2018- Day 5


Monday 16/04/2018


Carefully, one step at a time, we make our way up the broken footpaths of Ubud and into the town centre. The hustle and bustle of cars, people and motorbikes make it difficult to navigate your way through the crowds. However, when we manage to cross the road we arrive at the local arts markets. The hustle and bustle doesn't stop here though, sellers approaching you and calling out to you the whole way down the streets of the markets. It's all worth it though when you manage to get yourself a bargain on something you've had your eye on. For me, I usually scored these bargains on clothes like happy pants, dresses, tops, earrings, shoes and bags.

The day consisted pretty much of just shopping and relaxing as we were recovering from our couple of busy days. After a good day of shopping we stopped off at Tutmak Cafe for some lunch. It was definitely a relief to get out of the midday sun, also the food was really good. Afterwards, in preparation for a big night out, we headed over to the spa for a quick facial.

As we drove through the guarded gates, we began to immerse ourselves in the tall trees. Our driver took us as far as he could, but the journey was not over yet. Two golf buggies were waiting for us to escort us even further down the twisted, narrow road, past private villas on the hill and beautifully landscaped gardens. What seemed like hours later (probably more like 5 minutes), we arrived at the restaurant where we were to have dinner, Kebu, in the heart of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve Luxury Hotel. It felt as if we had just entered the Amazon jungle as we sat underneath the massive straw ceilings with a river running quickly just below, a mere 20m from our table. Hanging lights and small candles scattered throughout the space also gave the whole place such a peaceful and serene vibe. The restaurant also had large cocoon type areas that were set for couples or pairs and just added to the surrealness and magic of the place.
The food was a whole other experience, 6 pre-set courses of the best quality. Absolutely amazing!
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