Bali 2018- Day 3


Saturday 14/04/2018


The early morning sun was still slightly hidden away behind the tall trees and the birds were just waking up. We set off up the Campuhan Ridge Walk to experience the spectacular beauty of the Bali jungle and the peacefulness of the early morning. The higher we got the more the sun invaded our peace. Luckily, by the time the sun was getting too much we had made it to our final stop of the walk, Karsa Cafe, a small cafe and spa hidden among the rice patties. Here we curbed our appetites with fresh fruit and coffee.

Later, we hopped in the car with our lovely driver Made and set off for one of Bali's most popular attractions, the Bali Swing. As we entered the popular tourist destination, Ubud began to feel more like the crowded-by-tourists Bali we hadn't yet encountered. However, it did nothing to make the experience any less enjoyable.

After a quick lunch at Warung Dewa Malen, once again among the rice patties, we headed to the famed Monkey Forest. The cheeky little monkeys were happy to eat whatever you held out and even pose for a quick photo or two. The sneaky lil guys were jumping all over the place and when they got a little too excited were threatened with small wooden slingshots. But not to worry, the man explained that they were only a precaution and how they never actually need to fire them.

To round off the busy day we enjoyed a very fancy dinner at Hujan Locale, a local but top notch restaurant. Although kinda pricey, the food and atmosphere were absolutely beautiful.  

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